What are we about?

Our goal is to train rangatahi (youth) to be leaders in earth regeneration and be active participants in keeping our world as clean as possible.

We have a plan. Our plan includes training rangatahi throughout Aotearoa in the bits and pieces of business (with the help of some clever adults) and work with them through a process of upcycling and recycling used glass bottles to turn them into drinking glasses and candles. These will give our rangatahi a product that can be leveraged and used to create a local business for themselves whilst helping to keep glass bottles from going to landfill.

Our trainings will provide rangatahi with an opportunity to learn about stakeholder partnerships, business relationships, product acquisition, quality control, financial management and sales and marketing .

Our teachers tell us that if we learn good habits when we are young, those habits will follow us into the future. We are rangatahi ourselves and we would love to take others with us on our journey in keeping our world healthy.

We can’t see the future but we can definitely try our best in the present by saving one glass bottle at a time.